Babli Bouncer Movie Review: Tamannaah Movie 2022

Review of ‘Bubli Bouncer’

Madhur Bhandarkar is taking over as a director after a gap of five years. He has, once again, chosen a story where a woman is at the center and in search of her love. A quest that gives him life’s purpose, strength and identity. While watching the film, you can feel that it has been created by someone who knows the beats of cinema. Along with giving it a commercial form, it also keeps on tapping the pulse of art. Even though ‘Babli Bouncer’ is not like Madhur Bhandarkar’s previous National Award winning film, he hasn’t lost his grip and deserves praise for it.


Tamannaah as Babli Tanwar (Babli Bouncer)
Abhishek Bajaj as Viraj Kaushik[3]
Sahil Vaid as Kukku
Saanand Verma as Jaggi Paaji[4]
Saurabh Shukla as Gajanan Tanwar, Babli’s father
Atul Singh as Sameer
Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Saurav Dutta (Uncle Ji)[5]
Karan Singh Chhabra[6]
Supriya Shukla as Ganga Tanwar, Babli’s mother
Khabir Mehta as Golu Tanwar, Babli’s brother
Upasna Singh as Dolly Chadha
Ashwini Kalsekar as Bobby
Rajesh Khera as Inspector Amarnath Singh
Priyam Saha as Pinky “Pinku”, Babli’s friend
Anushka Lohar as Natasha “Nats”

About Babli Bouncer Movie (2022)

The life of a bouncer, let alone a female bouncer, still has never seen such a story in any film in the country. We rarely see female bouncers, so we are less aware of the troubles of their lives. However, the screenplay writing falters a bit. Babli is looking for herself. And she faces many obstacles in this journey, but she crosses them without making much noise. She is a girl who decides and sets out to get it. He doesn’t care what the world will say. The moment her heart breaks, she puts herself in front of the mirror and begins to change her direction. Somewhere from here it really limits the scope of the story. The dialogues of the film are good. However, he could have been a little better. Throughout the film, Babli keeps saying that she is very funny, but The story of ‘Babli Bouncer’ progresses at a fast pace. She also makes you laugh in a light-hearted way. The story doesn’t waste time pushing itself anywhere. The film has been neatly shot, in which Haryana and Delhi have been captured beautifully on camera. The songs are good and help take the story forward. Some scenes in Tamanna’s action mode are well made. Tamanna has also put a lot of life in these scenes. A new galaxy with dancing stars!

Of all the actors in the film, Tamanna shines the most. He has adapted the local Haryanvi dialect and his body language well into the character. She looks very comfortable in playing the role of Babli. While seeing his work in emotional scenes, you can admire him.
Sahil Veda is fine in form, but it seems he doesn’t have much to do. Saurabh Shukla does a good job on screen though he could have been given a bit more detail in this film. Abhishek Saxena, who plays Babli’s lover in the film, could have pushed a little more.

Madhur Bhandarkar has created a benchmark for himself from his previous films. He hasn’t lost form. ‘Bubli Bouncer’ attracts you. There are some light and funny moments in the film, which help you spend the nearly two hours of your journey in a very entertaining way.


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