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‘Doctor Ji’ is another film of Ayushmann Khurrana’s fixed formula in which he has become a gynecologist but this film talks about much more than that, and the sooner the audience comes to know about this, the more it is for the film’s success. would be better.

Ayushmann Khurrana, who has scored a hat-trick of three consecutive flop films ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’, ‘Chandigarh Kare ‘Aashiqui’ and ‘Anek’ in theaters, is on the cusp of this time in the film ‘Doctor Ji’. ‘G’ here does not mean respect indicator, but it is the first letter G of gynecologist i.e. gynecologist of English. The amount of hard work I have done to explain to you the meaning of ‘G’, if you put in the same amount of effort while watching this film, then by the end of the film you will feel good. While watching a film, a little bit is necessary and it is also important to understand that this is such a tablet of another taboo subject fed in a capsule of a comedy film, so let’s start with Anubhuti Kashyap’s first film ‘Doctor Ji’. And, first thing felt. She is the sister of Anurag Kashyap and Abhinav Kashyap. I have done MBA from Symbiosis. Neeraj is such a close friend of Ghaywan that in a scene in the medical college in the film, he has adopted Neeraj’s name on the table.



Director’s swoon over writers’ credits:

If it is the director’s debut, film critics are bound to meet him at the end of the show. By the way, in the film ‘Doctor Ji’, Anubhuti has introduced herself in Hindi as ‘Directory’. She met as soon as the film was over and when she was told that what is called Directory in Hindi, its name in English is Directory, it probably got googled for her. When he praised Saurabh and Vishal, who wrote the story of the film, their reaction was like this. ‘Yes, he wrote something, but later I and Sumit did a lot of work on it and after that the final draft was made, this film is made on that.’ It should be noted that this is Anubhuti’s first film. Two days ago, when he met director Indra Kumar, who has been making films for 32 years, he had praised Akash and Madhur, who wrote the story of his new ‘Thank God’. Well, back to the issue and let’s talk about Ayushmann Khurrana, who charges Rs 10 crore for this 35 crore film.



What Anubhuti said in a three-episode series:

Is worth noting because the film ‘Doctor Ji’ the audience is watching now is his and Sumit’s film. What the original authors wrote is rarely known. And, the weakest link of this film is its screenplay. Had the film been shown as a series of three parts, it would have been more effective. Here the film changes its attitude every forty minutes. Something this boy does here, he gets irritated and this is the victory of Ayushmann’s acting here. However, his acting is such that it is not known which film is playing? His facial expressions in every film are now known to the audience in advance.



Best performance of Sheeva Chaddha:

The second chapter of the film is named after Sheeba Chaddha. She plays the mother of a boy studying medicine here to whom her son narrates four things about his ‘sacrifice’ that he has made to be with his single mother. He doesn’t even remember what his mother did for him. If the film was made on only one subject, it could have been a wonderful film. A mature mother who is being bitten by loneliness. She sometimes makes videos on YouTube. Sometimes on Tinder. And, even at this age, she finds a partner for herself. New age son who is not interested in dharma karma. But, one who has a problem with being a doctor to women, doesn’t mind visiting his mother for dinner at a restaurant with a special friend.



Shefali Shah again number one:

And, now the third chapter of the film. A separate film can be made on this as well and this chapter is the guarding of moral values in the medical profession. How many people would know that when a male gynecologist examines a woman, a female colleague is present there at that time. mandatory. This part of the film is named after Shefali Shah, who became the head of the Gynecology Department. Shefali Shah, who can bring the dignity to her characters and the same sharp face, is proving herself time and again as one of the finest actresses of this era. Whenever Ayushmann Khurrana is in a frame with him, both character wise and acting wise he looks helpless. This chapter of the film is the real strength of the film and makes the time spent watching the film worthwhile.


it’s new these days:

Ayesha, who was a teenager in the serial ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai’ and before that the child artist of the film ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’, fell in love with a man twice her age at the age of 18. She has played a strong role of a teenager. The modest acting with which Ayesha has lived this character is also commendable. And, the heroine of the film is Rakul Preet Singh. Her character here is not that of a traditional heroine of Hindi cinema. Here she wants only friendship with the hero of the film, she has to marry someone else. This thread of love and friendship between the new generation has also not developed properly in the film. Rakul Preet seems to be constantly trying in her every film that she is a capable actress but she is still yet to get an open ground to show her full acting potential.


Cast and Crew:

Director Anubhuti Kashyap
Producer Vineet Jain
Writer Sumit Saxena
Music Amit Trivedi


The brunt of bad packaging:

Its music is also included in the weak links of the film ‘Doctor Ji’. Amit Trivedi tries his best to make it as Anurag Kashyap’s sister’s debut film, but not a single song from the film fails to make a mark after watching the film. Better than that is the background music of the film. Its cinematographer Ishith Narayan has succeeded in making a story revolving in hospitals visible with his camera. Although the video editor of the film can be blamed for loosening before the interval of the film, it is important to remember that what to keep and what to leave in the film, it is the decision of the director of the film. There has been no promotion anywhere before the release of the film. People only know that this is another film of the fixed formula of Ayushmann Khurrana in which he has become a gynecologist, but this film talks about much more than that, and the sooner the audience comes to know about this, the success of the film. The more the better.




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