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Salman Khan, who is back on the small screen with the next season of his regular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’, is all set to return to the big screen this year. Hindi cinema’s hankering for South Indian cinema has so far been to remake the films there, but the year 2022 is showing many new trends in cinema. Now the stars of Hindi cinema are grabbing the films there. The film ‘Godfather’ is the first Telugu film of Salman Khan. It has also been discussed that Salman Khan has extended this hand of friendship to Chiranjeevi in ​​a way. Chiranjeevi, a Congress stalwart, is the focal point of the tussle for the Chief Minister’s post in the film. Reciprocating this favor, Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan can soon be seen playing a special role in Salman’s film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai, Kisi Ki Jaan’.

Remake of Malayalam film ‘Lucifer’

The film ‘Godfather’ is a remake of the film ‘Lucifer’, considered one of the most successful films of Malayalam cinema. This is the same film in which Hindi cinema actor Vivek Oberoi proved his mettle in front of a veteran actor like Mohanlal. Netflix is ​​trying to make this film released in Hindi three years ago. The story of ‘Lucifer’ tells the story of an outsider’s entry into the chessboard going on for a share of hereditary rights. Here also the main basis of the story of the film is the same. After the death of the Chief Minister, this time Brahma enters in the war between his family members for getting the Chief Minister’s chair. The story is the same. Only the way of presenting it has been changed by its director Mohan Raja in the end, taking the support of Salman Khan.


Godfather Movie Cast & Review:

कलाकार चिरंजीवी , सलमान खान , सत्यदेव , नयनतारा , पुरी जगन्नाथ , मुरली शर्मा और ब्रह्माजी आदि।
लेखक मुरली गोपी और मोहन राजा आदि
निर्देशक मोहन राजा
रेटिंग 2.5/5


New venture of remake master:

Director Mohan Raja is called remake master in Telugu cinema. He makes films with fixed formulas of commercial cinema and does not experiment much with his actors. This is the reason why Chiranjeevi’s cinematic charisma, which he could not impress in his previous film ‘Acharya’ despite being with his son Ram Charan, seems to be working a little here. This is a whistleblowing performance for all Telugu movie watchers. Mohan Raja and his stunt directors have helped him a lot in the way Chiranjeevi, now 67, wants to present himself on screen. Lucky number 786 is also seen on Chiranjeevi’s chest. Hindi cinema has almost forgotten this number.


In the second part, the story is loose:

In the film ‘Godfather’, its director Mohan Raja seems to have a good hold on the story and till the interval, he is also seen taking the film towards a superhit film, but after the interval, the matter gets derailed. And that’s because Malayalam cinema is a cinema of stagnation while Mohan Raja had all the scope to experiment with Telugu and Hindi cinema pace in a remake, but the song just before the climax lets the film loose. Salman Khan’s entry is similar to his Hindi films and so is his performance. In a way, there is not much effect of Salman Khan’s film not being there.

Average Attraction of Hindi Version

For the audience of Hindi cinema, the film ‘Godfather’ is an average film, whose main attraction to watch i.e. Salman Khan’s presence does not seem to be very helpful in running the film in the Hindi belt. The technical side of the film is as good as the cinematography and action sequences that have become the hallmark of South Indian cinema. But, the music of the film is breathless in the Hindi version. Background score definitely helps in creating the mood of the film, if there is nothing to do then this film can be watched.


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