Paani Ch Madhaani 2021 (Gippy Grewal) Punjabi Movie Reviews and Story

Paani Ch Madhaani is a Punjabi film and it is a romantic comedy film. If you like to watch love story and comedy movies, then this film is the best option for you. This film has been directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and produced by Mani Dhatiyat and Prabhjot Sidhu.

In this film you will see Gippy Wal and Neeru Bajwa in the main roles and the film is based on the time of 1980s Paani Ch Madhaani movie will be released in theaters on 5th November. You can see it in theaters on 5th November and this film will be released in Abhi Punjabi language but to a large extent it is Hindi in a way, you can understand this film easily if you do not know Punjabi language.


Cast and Crew:

Directed by Vijay Kumar Arora
Actor: Gippy Grewal
Actor: Neeru Bajwa
Actor: Karamjit Anmol
Actor: Vinita Sharma
Actor: Rana Ranbir


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If we talk about this film, then this film is a very funny film, in front of this Bollywood film will be fricky. After that you can watch this movie with your whole family. Read below about the story and cast of this film Paani Ch Madhaani Movie.


Paani Ch Madhaani Movie Story:-

Paani Ch Madhaan is the story of a delirium singer named Gulli, who works very hard to be successful, so his entire group is full of others. There is caste, due to which the group of liberation meets one in England, but again because of their mistakes, it gets out of their hands.

Sohpar Aketi is the singer who is liked by the people and the rest of the Gulli group doesn’t get anything and when they don’t have any. If it happens, then these people take out a ticket for a Totar and they win from Durbhama or that Lotar, but then they lose their temper.

From then he gives the ticket to Totari and to find that ticket he puds in all the streets of London but he does not meet him meanwhile you will also get to see many comedy scenes and this is what separates this film from other film.

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