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Story of ‘Thank God’

The story of the film is such that Ayaan (Siddharth Malhotra) is a real estate businessman, who is ruined after demonetisation. His wife Ruhi (Rakulpreet Singh) is a police officer. Facing a lot of difficulties, Jayan wants to sell his bungalow and pay off his debt, but does not succeed in it. In this affair, he could not even give time to his wife and child. In this chaos, one day Ayan gets into an accident. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in a strange place. At once he does not understand where he is, but later he comes to know that he is in the court of CG (Ajay Devgan) i.e. Yamalok. CG tells him that here his sins will be calculated through a game show. Now Ayan’s life or death rests on this game show. Will Ayan be able to save himself by winning the show? You have to go to the cinema to know this?


Lack of dynamism in weak story:

The story of the film ‘Thank God’ moves from this world to that world. A irritable real estate businessman is the victim of a road accident. The soul reaches there where the account of the sins and virtues committed by the human being on the earth is done. Chitragupta aka CG asks her to play a game with him. On winning the game, the soul will reunite with its body. Provided that by then the body remains capable of being reunited with the soul. After this, CG becomes the host of the game show and the participant of this game show, the soul reached in front of him to know the account of his account. After this there is drama, comedy, action and emotion in the film, only the story gets stuck here.




Ajay Devgn and Siddharth’s charisma did not work Ajay Devgan has a different base in the audience of Hindi cinema. The film ‘Thank God’ tries to capitalize on the sentiments of this audience in different ways, but Indra Kumar, who once invented the recipe to present Ajay Devgan in a comedy film from his film ‘Ishq’, is the same Indra Kumar. Ajay brings Devgan to the point where the audience will have to think a hundred times before watching his next comedy film. Ajay Devgan tries his best to maintain his magic even in old age, but in the absence of the right script, his efforts go in vain. Sidharth Malhotra is also seen trying to shoulder the burden of the film with him. Sidharth Malhotra’s previous film ‘Shershaah’ was released directly on OTT. With the help of this film, Siddharth has been continuously shining his branding, but he will have to wait longer to be in the next line of Hindi cinema actors.


Supporting cast also appeared colorless

Apart from Ajay Devgn and Sidharth Malhotra, none of the other actors fail to impress the audience in the film ‘Thank God’. Rakul Preet Singh has once again failed to make an impact due to a weak character. This character could have been made the catalyst of the story but since the entire focus of the writers was on the characters of Ajay Devgan and Sidharth Malhotra, the character of Skul Preet also could not go beyond just filling the gaps. Better use of Kiku Sharda and Sumit Gulati in the film could have given new energy to the film but there is no such moment in the hands of both of them in the film in which they can present any new color of their artistry to the audience. Seema Pahwa’s character also did not leave any impact due to weak script.


thanks god


Cast and Crew:

Director Indra Kumar
Producer Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Ashok Thakeria, Sunir Kheterpal, Deepak Mukut
Main Cast Ajay Devgan, Sidharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet
Genre Action Drama


Could not explode on Diwali

The music of Indra Kumar’s films has once been the strongest aspect of his cinema. But, even this department has not been able to help him in the film ‘Thank God’. Amar Mohile did not succeed in making a single song of the film such that the audience can remember even after the film is over. Asim Bajaj has done the best work in the technical team. His cinematography impresses on the sets of a film made through special effects. The pace of the film has also been kept well by its editor Dharmendra Sharma but since there is not much in the story and screenplay of the film, this technical proficiency does not help the film. The results of both the films ‘Thank God’ and ‘Ram Setu’, which released the next day of Diwali, are the same. Both the films entice the audience a lot, but both fail to entertain them.




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