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There are signs of swastika in the balcony. Bullets are being fired in the corridors. Hero and Villain’s favorite food is Nihari Kulcha. It seems as if no one eats sattvik food in Uttar Pradesh. If the leader is corrupt then the pundit is. The commissionerate has its own STF. It does not have ACP, DCP. There is an IG. There are two SSPs. There is a hidden catch in the ‘rat’ made to extract water for the irrigation of melons on the banks of the Ganges. And, Saif Ali Khan, throwing liquor in the burning fire, in a film set against the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh, can do so much for the director of South who made the remake of South in Hindi. If BA Fida, who adapted the film in Hindi, is the pen name of producer-director Neeraj Pandey, then he feels sorry for his writings. If he is a criminal of Kanpur, he must have lived in a tannery near Jajmau, this is also the result of the thinking of the writers who make caricatures of the characters.




Hrithik’s yet another experimental-

Cinema Khan The one star who has garnered a lot of love from the audience during the transition period between the arrival of stars in Hindi cinema and the subsequent generations like Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Kartik Aaryan, Ayushmann Khurrana. Hrithik Roshan Nagrath aka Duggu. Seeing Hrithik’s expressions, his dancing style and his laughter, an entire generation has become young. Hrithik has a strong audience in Hindi-speaking areas, but the biggest problem with fans is that they want to see their favorite star in the same image every time they went crazy. This is the reason why his films ‘Fiza’, ‘Lakshya’, ‘Kites’, ‘Guzaarish’, ‘Mohenjo Daro’ and ‘Kaabil’, adorned with the best performance of Hrithik Roshan, could not bomb at the box office. Hrithik got the Hindi remake of Tamil film ‘Vikram Vedha’ after Aamir Khan did this film. He has worked hard in this. But, the matter does not seem to be settled.

The style of making the film ‘Vikram Vedha’ lost in the film shine is its second weak link. The original Tamil film’s desiness was the biggest feature of that film, the way both Vijay Sethupathi and R Madhavan did the characters of Vedha and Vikram respectively in Tamil in a crude manner, there was no texture in it. Also the interplay of the original story and the stars of these interpolation stories strengthened the original Tamil film. Here the film takes a beating from its remake writers in this matter. The entire focus of the film is just on the duel of Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan. Bullets are fired in the air. There are laughs. Looking at the camera by tearing the lamp, an attempt is made to create a vicious juice, but the artificiality is clearly visible in all these antics. Here the film gulps down for the third time.




Abu Dhabi’s fake Uttar Pradesh

The Hindi film ‘Vikram Vedha’ is, in a way, another lesson in the fact that while remaking a film in another language, it is not only the story that has to be decorated in the new language. For this, the undercurrent of that story, the nature of the people there and the background there is also no less than a hero. Here Uttar Pradesh itself is fake. It was made by working hard in Abu Dhabi, but this fourth weak link of the film is clearly caught. The art direction is praised in that even the fake sets look like the real ones, but this is not the case. Apart from writing, directing, art direction and acting, the film also beats in the music department. The song ‘Alcoholia’ is in the film without need. And as the fifth weakest string of the film, the song does nothing but promote alcohol and tarnish Hrithik’s youthful image. The film is also excessively long and tests the endurance of the audience fiercely in the process of triple climax.


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